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The Lyttle Sisters

Alicia and Lorette, also known as “The Lyttle Sisters” are making their mark in the Internet Marketing world with a combined 18+ years in this industry. Although they are sisters, they both have very different backgrounds. Alicia has a Masters of Science in Environmental Health Science and her last job 10 years ago was working as an Environment Justice specialist at The White House. Lorette on the other hand, has a degree in Information Technology and Marketing and her last job was with a Fortune 5 company, and she even spent a few years as a professional golfer.

In 2003 they joined forces by combining their experience and knowledge and they helped generate over $10 million dollars online. During these years, the Lyttle Sisters had the unique experience of mastering the behind the scenes aspects of Internet Marketing as well as being on front lines as authors, speakers and trainers.

Alicia specializes in social networking, affiliate marketing, product creation, joint ventures and one on one business building and strategic growth. Lorette’s passion lies in the more technical aspects of web development, outsourcing, automation and product development. They’ve been featured on various television morning shows, radio stations, webinars, training bootcamps, seminar stages and more.

They’ve traveled all around the globe from Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, St. Lucia, Jamaica and more teaching and educating others on how to harness the power of the Internet for financial freedom and personal growth.

The Lyttle sisters also have a great love for charities, raising over $200,000 online for a variety of charitable organizations.

Together, The Lyttle Sister’s teach people how to live and create the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of by utilizing various online strategies, tools and resources to leverage the rapidly growing online global marketplace.

 They have an international team that helps business owners in various aspects from business growth, social media, product creation and more. 















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